I recently attended a “Paperclay” Workshop at the Sorensen Community Programs (part of the Tanque Verde Unified School District) and met some wonderful people and learned many new things including the marvelous clouds in the completed piece you see below. (My workshop piece)

Workshops are such great motivation. All the participants were experienced clay enthusiasts and each arrived with ideas on surface decoration and tools to share – my favorite part!! Not only did I get to borrow and share many of the tools but I learned to make these marvelous clouds with -of all things- a set of cookie cutters.
Since the class, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with the Instructor, Gail Brynildsen, who has given me even more ideas for my own work.  Gail also works in Hand painted Tile Murals and Mosaics, all of which are fabulous.  
some of Gail’s pieces
and this is Gail
You can reach her at gail-clayartist@cox.net