June 2015 News

2015: Grab that BRASS RING !
Opportunities are everywhere
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Flying V Studio June 2015

Opportunities are truly everywhere

Tucson is warm in June.

It’s not hot yet, that dry desert heat that is overwhelming in July, August and even September, but it is definitely warm. It has been a trying year for the weatherman, and local Tucsonians. March brought 94 degree heat for the outdoor Tucson Museum of Art Artisan Market that we participated in, and mid May were 70’s. Now here we are in June with the anticipated 90+ degrees having already morphed into the 100’s, and even some rain to bring life to the plants in my yard. Quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier . . . my outdoor studio only requires a small box fan and the A/C is reserved for indoor use only!

New opportunities are here for the Southern Arizona Clay Artists.

The nominating committee is conducting a search for leaders for 2016. The slate is to be voted on at the September general meeting and will work side-by-side with those currently in position before assuming their roles in January.
It will be bittersweet to step away from my position on the Board of Directors at the close of this year. I have enjoyed meeting many new people and contributing to the future of this great organization that I have volunteered with over the years. The new found time, however, will afford me the opportunity to grow Flying V Studio (and perhaps even a garden).

The Lew Sorensen Community Center affords me the opportunity to do so many things.

I volunteer by mixing all the lovely ^10 glazes used in their gas fired reduction kiln, and in the pottery classes, I have met many exciting students at all levels of proficiency. The dreams of each student come alive in the classes I have attended, and I must admit the teachers are all so very encouraging and willing to share their experience in clay. The pottery results at Lew Sorensen are far different from that at Flying V where I fire to ^5 in an electric kiln and use many pastels in my ever changing color palette. The exposure to both is a challenge I thoroughly enjoy.

“If a human being dreams a great dream, dares to love somebody, if a human being dares to be Martin King or Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa or Malcolm X, if a human being dares to be bigger than the condition into which she or he was born, it means: So can you! And so, you can try to stretch! Stretch! Stretch yourself!” –Maya Angelou.

My summer reading began with “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly, and was the embodiment of the attitude espoused by Maya Angelou above. Consider this quote from the book –
“WHAT’S YOUR DREAM? It’s a question worth considering and a question that we should take the time to ask the people who are important to us.” 

Many galleries and shops are open by appointment only, here in the summer, and nearly everyone else looks forward to time at Disneyland or the White Mountains, including me. My sisters and I will gather for some time together in the mountains and I am looking forward to the luxury of quiet, and time to dream and plan for the future.
June proudly brings us Fathers’ Day.
Mine died many years ago, and I miss him every day. I like to think I inherited his strengths, but really I know it was his love for food and travel that lives on in me.
I am very proud to say that my brother is a great dad and his 3 incredibly brilliant and handsome sons seem to feel the same way. Its amusing to me that at 6’2″ he is no longer the tallest man in the family.

Flying V Studio was honored with acceptance into the shops at the Tohono Chul Park this month. We have worked with the shops manager in other collaborations in the Park and this is truly a dream come true.

Tohono Chul
7366 N. Paseo del Norte

Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 742-6455

YWCA’s Frances McClelland Leadership Center
525 N. Bonita Ave, Tucson 85754
Regular Galleria Hours: M-F  9am – 5 pm
(520) 884-2810                                                                                 

Flying V Studio pottery can be seen at
the Galleria Gift Shop at the YWCA and
the Tohono Chul Park Gift Shops
and at the Flying V Studio by appointment or by chance

Opportunities are truly everywhere
– Here’s to exciting discoveries in 2015 !